A Senior Aide With Oval Office Access Flipped On Trump In Classified Docs Case

Newly unsealed prosecution exhibits reveal that a former Trump White House aide, who had daily access to the now ex-president and the Oval Office, flipped and cooperated with the FBI.

Here is the section of the government exhibit that has the name of the former Trump White House aide redacted:

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The list of top White House aides who had access to Trump and the Oval Office every day is not long. One name should jump out ahead of all others: former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

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Meadows had daily access to Trump and the Oval Office. If it is Meadows who cooperated with the FBI investigation, it would explain how Special Counsel Jack Smith has such detailed knowledge about how the classified documents were handled at the White House and ended up at Trump’s home.

The Feds had someone who was in the Oval Office with Trump cooperating with them.

While the Manhattan criminal trial is getting started, a big criminal federal case in Florida is still raging.

If Jack Smith can ever get Aileen Cannon out of the way, and get this trial happening, the classified documents case could make the hush money trial in Manhattan look like child’s play.

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