Biden And Harris Call On America To Celebrate The Freedoms Trump Is Trying To Rip Away

As Donald Trump and his Republican enablers work out in the open to turn the United States back into a monarchy, this Independence Day marking our nation’s success 248 years ago at rejecting an autocratic king has turned somber.

The Biden-Harris 2024 spokesperson Sarafina Chitika issued a statement in light of the many alarming events preceding this day and Donald Trump’s history of rejecting democracy, prioritizing his own power over our country, announcement that he’d be a dictator for a day, incitement of a violent, deadly insurrection and more.

“Today is a day to celebrate the freedoms Donald Trump is trying to rip away, to honor the troops Trump has called ‘suckers’ and ‘losers,’ and to mark the birth of our democracy as convicted felon Donald Trump fights to make himself a dictator,” Chitika wrote in a statement sent to PoliticusUSA.

“This July Fourth, the stakes of the election ahead couldn’t be higher – and everything we value as Americans is on the line. Voters will be faced with a decision between Joe Biden – who has fought to protect our freedoms, our democracy, and our troops– and a wannabe despot who only cares about himself. The choice could not be more clear.”

This a pivotal Fourth of July in our nation’s history. Never has the country been under such a dire threat of the loss of the very things that this nation was founded upon.

The Revolutionary War was fought so that Americans could be freed from a system where a king was above the law, and self-determination did not exist.

Two hundred forty eight years later that same right of self-determination is at risk, so the Biden-Harris campaign is correct. Today is the day to celebrate those freedoms, and more importantly, it is a day to vow that they will never be allowed to be taken away.

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