Bitcoin Price Up 3% as New BRC20 Token 99Bitcoins Raises $1M in ICO

Bitcoin has rallied almost 3% over the past 24 hours, showing signs of recovery from its recent dip. Just two days ago, BTC dropped below the $60,000 mark, reaching as low as $56,500, causing some concern across the market. However, signs of a steady recovery are apparent as we move forward into the post-halving pattern.

Meanwhile, BRC20 tokens are gaining more widespread attention as a way to increase Bitcoin’s utility and send the price soaring again. The new BRC20 token, 99Bitcoins Token, has just raised over $1 million in its presale as its upcoming airdrop draws near.

Experts Point to Previous Post-Halving Bitcoin Price Patterns

Although Bitcoin has fallen below the important support level of $59,000, it seems to be following a similar pattern to other Halving events. Normally, Bitcoin tends to dip slightly before rallying around and powering up to new heights.

Some experts have pointed to this as an essential correction for the price to increase steadily rather than fluctuate wildly.

With movements over the past 24 hours showing a positive market sentiment, the Crypto Fear & Greed indicator for Bitcoin has moved from fear to neutral. This is a sign that some of the more skittish investors are being reassured by the slight increase in the price of BTC.

Meanwhile, more bullish investors are looking to the new BRC20 token standard for extra exposure to Bitcoin price movements and the new utility it brings to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

BRC20 Standard Opens up a New Narrative for 2024

The launch of ERC20 tokens was a pivotal moment in crypto history, starting the rise of Ethereum as a possible contender to lead the crypto market. While Bitcoin has never lost its hold over the market, it certainly ceded some ground to the Ethereum ecosystem with its wide range of applications and new tokens born from the development of the ERC20 standard.

However, last year saw the arrival of the BRC20 token standard opening Bitcoin up to a variety of new applications. We’ve seen Bitcoin’s market dominance grow since the BRC20 token standard was launched last year.

Now that BRC20 is maturing, we’re starting to see many investors pour into the BRC20 space, enjoying the exposure to the price of Bitcoin at a low entry point while being able to create fungible tokens from fractions of Bitcoins.

One new BRC20 token, 99Bitcoins Token, has been attracting the attention of investors and experts across the market with an exciting presale and upcoming Bitcoin airdrop.

99Bitcoins Token Races Past the $1 Million Mark

Since its inception in 2013, 99Bitcoins has gained a reputation for providing unbiased and factual information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, including its popular free Bitcoin Crash Course.

Now, 99Bitcoins aims to attract newcomers with its new Learn-to-Earn $99BTC token. The learning platform rewards users with tokens as they engage with educational content, fostering crypto literacy in a transparent and accessible manner. The token is being launched on the Ethereum network but will bridge over to the BRC20 token standard after the presale ends.

The presale has already raised over $1 million and the upcoming $99,999 $BTC airdrop has attracted almost 5,000 entries. Currently priced at just $0.00103, this price is set to go up in a few days. With such an established reputation and the need for crypto education across the entire space, this presale is one to watch.

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