Dead Rising's deluxe remaster boasts fluffier poodles

Capcom’s announcement trailer for Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster will give you a glimpse of the game’s improved graphics for the PS5, the Xbox Series X/S and Windows computers. It also reveals that the digital version of the remastered game will be released on September 19 for all platforms.

The company first gave Dead Rising an HD remaster back in 2016 for the PS4 and the Xbox One as part of the game’s 10th anniversary, but this version gives the world and its characters more textures and more realistic looking features. Frank West definitely looks more human with more natural-looking expressions in the Deluxe Remaster, while Madonna the poodle looks a lot more fluffy and dog-like. Capcom says this version is a “full graphical overhaul of the first game.” It used its own video game engine called RE Engine to rework the title’s graphics, including its environments and backgrounds.

The remaster is fully voiced, but West sounds noticeably different in the trailer compared to the older versions. In a text conversation with @FrankByDaylight on X/Twitter, original voice actor TJ Rotolo said he’s not reprising his role in the remake because Capcom didn’t invite him back for the project. If that’s not a deal breaker, then you can enjoy the game’s other quality-of-life improvements, including the addition of auto-save, revamped controls and a better UI.

While the digital release is scheduled for September 19, Capcom will also start selling a physical version sometime in November.

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