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LUXUO lists a selection of emerging artists whose reputations and markets are on the rise. They each use their own multidisciplinary forms of art that encompass different inspirations and themes be it social, cultural or political issues. These artists range across regional and international markets and highlight a unique blend of cultural influences, technical prowess, and a deeply introspective approach. With originality at the forefront, these artists demonstrate original thought not only with interesting materials, but explore novel concepts and subtle themes. The work of these artists is not just an investment opportunity but also offer any art collector the chance to diversify their portfolios and support burgeoning artistic talent.

Jonathan Vaultman

M122124 copie scaled

Jonathan Vaultman is an artist unlike any other. The 42-year-old French contemporary artist creates art that draws the viewer in and questions it, evoking emotion and encouraging contemplation from the viewer. “I don’t seek definitive explanations in my art; instead, I welcome questions and inquiry. If I can shed light on important questions through my work and encourage viewers to contemplate them, even if only for a brief moment, I consider my job accomplished,” he explains.

Drawn by hand using black charcoal, his work is comprised of shapes that start out as ambiguous figures before morphing into what looked like an architectural sculpture, a nod to his own background in architecture. There is a duality to Vaultman’s work that goes beyond colour. It is the beautiful juxtaposition of fluid and rigid, hard and sort, damp and dry, dark and light. Vaultman also incorporates additional elements into the presentation of this art, using music to create an entirely sensorial experience transcending beyond the visual into the auditory.

CosmiK Footstool 185 185cm 2023 KL scaled

For more information contact Laurent Macaluso,
Asia Vaultman Agent: laurent@mozart-advisory.com
m: +66 84-892-7517

Dominique White

A refusal to be contained a refusal to die 2021

Winner of the 2022-2024 Max Mara Prize for Women, White’s oeuvre has found consistency and meaning by referencing black subjectivity and Afro-pessimism. Her ghostly 3D sculptures typically take the form of art installations — fragile and sophisticated in composition — they are composed of clay and other found materials referencing nautical legends. Her major solo show will take place at the prestigious Whitechapel Gallery, London later this year.


Credit to Artelier.com

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Sarah Choo Jing

Gestures of Affection by Sarah Choo Jing for Maison Valentino

Choo is a Singaporean artist known for her photography and video installations that explore themes of identity, urbanisation, and the human condition. Her work often incorporates elements of performance and storytelling. Choo was also tapped by Valentino to create a series of seven distinctive digital and print works that reference Valentino’s messages conveyed through the Spring/Summer 2024 Valentino L’Ecole collection.

vval 683x1024 1
Gestures of Affection by Sarah Choo Jing for Maison Valentino

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Lydia Blakeley

gutsgallery lydia blakeley newfoundland 2020

Lydia Blakeley is a contemporary artist recognised for her abstract paintings characterised by their expressive qualities and vibrant color palettes. Her works often feature quintessential aspects of UK culture in her paintings, for a myriad of classes and people. Her subjects range from pedigreed dog shows to post-drinking gatherings, drawing inspiration from internet culture. Blakeley’s art challenges conventional ideals, scrutinising aspiration and commercialism in the digital age we live. Blakeley’s artistic style varies, ranging from bold and energetic to subtle and introspective. Blakeley’s artworks have been showcased in various galleries and art spaces, showcasing her unique artistic vision and contribution to contemporary art.

Credit to Artelier.com

hero scaled

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Tschabalala Self

mark blower 200317 tschabalala self pilar corrias 0009 edit scaled

Tschabalala Self is an artist who is known for her vibrant and expressive mixed-media collages, paintings, and sculptures. Her work explores themes of race, gender, and sexuality, often depicting black female bodies in dynamic and empowering ways. She constructs her depictions using a combination of sewn, printed, and painted materials, traversing different artistic and craft traditions. The formal and conceptual aspects of Self’s work seek to expand her critical inquiry into selfhood and human flourishing.

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Ewa Juszkiewicz

02EWA JUSZKIEWICZ 01 jkhm superJumbo

Polish-born Ewa Juszkiewicz is a surreal artist renowned for her captivating reinterpretations of classical portraits. In her paintings, Juszkiewicz challenges conventional ideas surrounding beauty, identity, and representation by distorting and exaggerating aspects of the human figure. Blending elements of realism with surrealism, her work creates visually arresting compositions that prompt viewers to reconsider traditional portraiture norms. Juszkiewicz’s unique approach to exploring themes of femininity, authority, and the gaze has earned her acclaim in the contemporary art scene. Her artistic contributions have left a notable mark on the art industry.

portrait in the studio 2 ewa juszkiewicz min scaled 1

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Mandy El-Sayegh

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Mandy El-Sayegh: A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose _Feb 2024_Press Release.docx

Mandy El-Sayegh is British–Malaysian with Palestinian origins. Her work is rooted in an exploration of material and language executed in a wide range of media — including densely layered paintings, sculpture, installation, diagrams, and sound and video. El-Sayegh’s work investigates the formation and breakdown of systems of order, be they bodily, linguistic, or political. Her recent A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose exhibition showcased Mandy El-Sayegh’s unique bricolage approach using collective visual data from diverse sources such as ephemera, textiles, literature, newspapers, and printed materials to transform the gallery space by layering painted surfaces using sheets from international newspapers of varying colours.

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Haffendi Anuar

Haffendi Anuar’s commissioned sculpture for the Battersea Power Station development in London is called ‘Machines For Modern Living’. Image courtesy of The Star

Anuar is a Malaysian artist known for his minimalist sculptures and installations that investigate themes of memory, perception, and materiality. His work often incorporates found objects and everyday materials, inviting viewers to reconsider their surroundings. He works in a process that combines collage, dyeing, painting, image transfer and sewing and incorporates physical materials such as seashells and pebbles. Anuar’s work is steeped in his cultural roots as his art forms a narrative of childhood memories encountering and being enveloped by the fabric. As stated by Richard Koh Fine Art, his research and exploration into the iconography of the garment encompasses personal family photos, archival photographs, images from social media and the Internet as well as texts on Malaysia written by colonial writers and looks into the fabric’s origin, social utilisation, visual patterns and formal structure.

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