Eric Trump Melts Down And Says Bond Companies Laughed At Him

Eric Trump said on Fox News that bonding companies laughed at him when he went to them and asked for a $454 million bond.

Trump said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

The number should be zero. My father’s running a great company. I run a great company. We’ve never had a default, we’ve never missed a payment, we’ve never been in a breach of covenant. Every single one of our letters came out. He goes out, and the judge comes out and says I take disgorgement. I want to take interest rates that you paid on mortgages and put it up to 10, 11, 12% and go back 20 years, and we already won this in the appellate court. There’s a statute of limitation, that 99% of what he put in there is thrown out. But, Maria, this isn’t about this, this is lawfare.

They want to hurt my father who is winning the presidential race right now. He’s beating Biden in every single poll in every is tingle swing state. He — single swing states. He wants to put hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money into his campaign, how do they deprive him of that? They have that judge on the screen right there come up with an astronomical number, give you zero time to post a bond, a bond that’s not even commercially available in the United States.

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It’s not, no one’s ever seen a bond this size. Every single person when I came to them say saying, hey, can I get a half billion dollar bond, Maria, they were laughing. Top executives of the largest surety companies had never seen anything of this size. What, they’re going to start seizing assets if he can’t put up something that’s not available in the United States?


The bonding companies laughed at Eric Trump because he and his father don’t have the assets required to secure the bond. No company is going to cover that large of an appeal without knowing that they aren’t going to lose their money, and any company backing Trump is going to lose their money.

Eric Trump’s lie filled meltdown included not telling the truth about the number of victims of the Trump fraud. Every single taxpayer in New York was a victim of Trump’s decades long fraud to avoid paying his fair share.

Eric Trump also claimed that his dad was going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on his presidential campaign, when the most Trump has ever done was give his campaign a $10 million loan that was paid back out of donor contributions.

The Trumps don’t have the money to cover the bond, and Attorney General James is going start seizing their assets tomorrow.

The performative theater that the Trumps are engaging in on Fox is just a cover for the fact that their lie about their wealth is being blown to bits.

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