Ethereum Meme Tokens Pepe and Mog Coin Crash, While WienerAI Raises $7 Million in ICO

The meme coin rollercoaster is at it again.

Pepe (PEPE) and Mog Coin (MOG) are taking a serious tumble today, providing a wake-up call to retail investors.

But not every meme coin is crashing.

WienerAI (WAI) continues to impress in its ICO phase, having just crossed the $7 million funding milestone.

PEPE Token Suffers Major Drop – Will It Hold Support?

PEPE is taking a beating today.

The popular frog-themed token has dropped 9% in the last 24 hours and 22% since last Wednesday.

PEPE is now trading at just $0.0000104 – its lowest point since June 24.

Now, the token is flirting dangerously close to the $0.000010 mark.

This is a key psychological level for traders since PEPE has rejected it three times in recent weeks.

PEPE last closed below this level in mid-May, so all eyes are on whether it will hold or fold.

But here’s where things get interesting: Despite the token’s price drop, spot volumes have risen by 59% in the past day.

Add to that a rising open interest figure, and you’ve got a recipe for some serious market indecision.

It seems PEPE’s run might not be over just yet.

However, it remains to be seen whether the token can bounce back from here or continue to fall.

Mog Coin Slips After Huge Price Volatility

Mog Coin is also having a rough day at the office, hovering around $0.00000137.

That’s a 21% drop in the past 24 hours.

This cat-themed token has been volatile of late, plummeting 35% from Saturday’s local high and giving back most of last week’s gains.

MOG is approaching a potential support level around $0.00000130; whether it’ll hold is anyone’s guess.

Despite MOG’s price tumble, spot volumes are holding steady at $35 million – suggesting plenty of interest in the token.

But MOG’s market cap has taken a hit.

It’s dropped below the $500 million mark, meaning Popcat (POPCAT) has flipped the token in the rankings.

With profit-taking in full swing, we might see MOG slip even further.

Unfortunately for MOG holders, the price decline doesn’t seem related to specific news or developments.

Instead, it’s a symptom of the broader “risk-off” sentiment in the crypto market right now.

So, it’s likely MOG will continue to face headwinds until sentiment shifts once more.

WienerAI Shines with Advanced AI Tech & Growing Community Backing

While some meme coins are taking a nosedive, WienerAI isn’t.

This AI-powered token is still performing well, having just passed the $7 million mark in its ongoing ICO.

What sets WienerAI apart from its peers?

It’s the serious tech it brings to the table with its AI-enhanced crypto trading bot.

This bot boasts sophisticated algorithms that use predictive technology to find potential winners in the market.

Not only that, but the bot can execute buy/sell orders – all with zero fees.

And the numbers speak for themselves.

Since WienerAI’s trading bot was announced, over 14,500 people have followed the project’s Twitter page.

Another 12,000 are active on Telegram.

But this early community backing isn’t just about the tech, since WienerAI has other tricks up its sleeve.

For example, there’s a staking app for WAI that enables token holders to earn yield.

At the time of writing, annual yields are estimated at 163%.

So, WienerAI users can essentially use the bot to trade crypto and earn passive income at the same time.

With the project’s smart contracts already audited by SolidProof, WienerAI’s team is prioritizing security.

It’s a refreshing approach in a sector plagued by scams and rug pulls.

This focus on security, combined with the appeal of the trading bot, could be what helps WienerAI avoid the fate of PEPE and MOG.

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