Fashion Trust Arabia to Hold Next Awards Event in Morroco


Fashion Trust Arabia will hold its annual FTA Prize in Marrakech, Morocco in October.

Normally hosted in Doha, Qatar, last year’s edition originally slated for October was awarded virtually amid geopolitical tensions and safety concerns in the region. Womenswear designer Amir Al Kasm and Renaissance Renaissance founder Cynthia Merhej won the top prizes, for evening wear.

The FTA Prize launched in 2018 to support designers across the Middle East and North Africa region. The choice of Marrakech moves the FTA Prize far from its primary sponsors in Qatar, but also reduces the likelihood that geopolitics will again disrupt the proceedings.Israel’s invasion of Gaza following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack is ongoing, and has repeatedly threatened to widen into a regional conflict. Those fears were underscored earlier this week when Iran accused Israel of bombing one of its consulates in Syria.

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Fashion Trust Arabia Awards Postponed Amid Middle East Conflict

Fashion Trust Arabia has postponed its annual awards ceremony due to the conflict unfolding in the Middle East. The event was due to take place in Doha, Qatar on Oct. 25.

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