Hunter Biden Threatens Fox News With Defamation Lawsuit

Lawyers for Hunter Biden have threatened to sue Fox News for defamation if they don’t correct their bogus bribery allegation.

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CNN’s Dana Bash reported:

Now, first on CNN report, Hunter Biden’s new strategy to push back against the years-long onslaught of attacks against him by conservative media lawyers for Hunter Biden is telling Fox News to correct the record on bribery allegations made by a discredited FBI informant or face a defamation lawsuit. CNN obtained a cease and desist letter sent to Fox last week in it. Biden’s legal team points to Fox hosts like Maria Bartiromo continuing to push claims that Hunter Biden and his father took bribes from Alexander Smirnoff, even after Smirnoff was indicted for lying to the FBI.

Biden’s team also accuses Fox News of illegally profiting off a fictionalized show streaming on Fox Nation called The Trial of Hunter Biden and of violating revenge porn laws because that show, quote unlawfully published and continues to publish intimate images of Mr Biden depicting him in the nude. CNN has reached out to Fox News for comment.


Hunter Biden and his lawyers have decided to follow the example of Dominion Voting Systems and sue conservative outlets that promote outright lies for defamation. Fox News ended up settling with Dominion for $787.5 million.

This is just the beginning for Hunter Biden who has seen his name smeared and dragged through the mud all of political reasons to help Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

The son of the President is not going to take it anymore. He was aggressive in fighting back against House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer’s Biden impeachment investigation.

Fox News better get the checkbook out, because Hunter Biden is prepared to sue.


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