Important Ripple v. SEC Lawsuit Update: Here’s How the Trial’s Going


  • Ripple contests the SEC’s classification of the “Fox Declaration” as standard evidence, arguing it’s expert testimony, which affects the legal proceedings.
  • Predictions suggest a possible $100 million settlement in case, potentially impacting XRP’s value and the broader crypto market.

Ripple Strikes Back

The legal battle between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) escalated recently due to a disagreement on one key witness’ testimony. The two entities can not find common ground on a statement from Andrea Fox (known as the “Fox Declaration”).

The company initially argued that the testimony represented an unsolicited expert opinion, while the regulator described the process as “standard summary evidence in support of calculations for disgorgement.” 

The Commission also claimed that the “Fox Declaration” consists of information derived from documents generated by Ripple itself, including tax returns and financial statements, which can be useful for determining the case’s outcome.

Most recently, the firm filed a letter in further support of its initial request. It maintained that the SEC failed to show that the “Fox Declaration” is summary evidence rather than expert testimony. 

“Fox is an expert because she purports to use technical or other specialized knowledge to help the trier of fact to understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue. She does not merely apply basic arithmetic to Ripple’s financial records, as the SEC contends.

Rather, she analyzes Ripple’s records, third-party evidence, and expert reports; draws inferences and conclusions about those documents; and calculates disgorgement, prejudgment interest, and discount amounts based on her analysis.”

The company went further, arguing that even if Andrea Fox could be classified as a summary witness (rather than an expert), the SEC failed to disclose her before the end of the discovery process.

Having that said, Ripple insisted that the testimony should not be taken into account when determining the case’s resolution. 

Is a Settlement on the Horizon?

Despite the start of the trial, it remains unclear when the Ripple v SEC case will be officially closed or whether the parties will shake hands on a mutual agreement. One person who predicted the second scenario is the American lawyerJeremy Hogan. He thinks the lawsuit may draw to an end this summer following a $100 million settlement.

“I’m saying that the Judge will order 0 disgorgement but throws the SEC a bone and orders Ripple to pay a $100 million penalty,” Hogan stated.

Recall that the watchdog sought a $2 billion fine on the company alleging XRP sales violations. The latter insisted that the penalty should not exceed $10 million.

The outcome of the case might trigger a substantial price rally on Ripple’s native token and the entire crypto market (in the event of a decisive victory for the firm). On the other hand, the sector could be negatively affected if the SEC emerges victorious.

Those willing to learn more about the specifics of the lengthy lawsuit and its impact on XRP, feel free to watch our dedicated video below:

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