Kids’ Luggage Round-Up + My Travel Hack

When your kids are the age where you still pack for them, getting the luggage right is usually a matter of three things: durability, design, and style. You want the luggage to be strong enough to withstand travel conditions. You want a design that’s appropriate for their age/needs. And the kids usually want something that is a little more fun in terms of color and pattern.

Chris Loves Julia | Faye and Polly in Polly's room with backpacks and roller bags filled with clothes and toys.Chris Loves Julia | Faye and Polly in Polly's room with backpacks and roller bags filled with clothes and toys.

Polly’s Room Sources | Honey Yellow Backpack | Black Roller | Navy Roller | Red Backpack

We have the Walker Family Goods luggage and backpacks right now, and we love them. In the past, I’ve used duffles, but the backpacks are much easier for the older kids to carry themselves. My favorite thing is that they all match, so I can spot the kids easily around a lot of people. As far as suitcases, Walker Family Goods just came out with roller bags (they only have two wheels instead of four…bummer) but the bags have zip-up compartments inside, almost like built-in packing cubes. So helpful!

If you’re looking for a roller bag, I recommend a small roller with very good wheels. I’ve seen smaller kids riding on their suitcase as a parent or guardian pulls them (so cool), but my girls are big enough they want to pull their own suitcases. They used to ask to roll my suitcase too! But even if it was a carry-on size, it’s too big for them. The best kids’ luggage is something they can roll really easy.

With those ideas in mind, here are some of my pint-sized picks for kids’ travel luggage!

  1. Kane Kids Space Travel Backpack $105
  2. Yellow Hardside Luggage Wide Handle $175
  3. BÉIS The Mini Roller in Slate $188
  4. Cheetah Hearts Kids Backpack with Side Pockets $39
  5. Green Underseat Carry On Luggage $107
  6. Crckt Kids’ Hardside Unicorn Carry On $60
  7. State Strawberry Suitcase $185
  8. Light+Nine Kid’s Travel Suitcase $172
  9. Daisy Hardside Spinner Carry On $60
  10. Colby Solid Forest Backpack $54
  11. Hue Mini Carry On $165
  12. Pink Daisies Travel Pouch $35

Bonus: My Secret Travel Hack

All this talk about traveling got me thinking about a packing tip for kids that I’ve wanted to share with you. It’s something that I’ve started doing every time I go anywhere with the kids, and it makes everything so. much. easier. I put the whole complete outfit for the day (shirt, bottoms, underwear, socks) all together in a bag and label the bag for the day we’ll use it. Then there’s a separate compartment for swimsuits and pajamas. The girls have input on the looks as I’m packing, but this keeps everything so neatly organized — I can just grab a little bag out without messing everything up. Plus now I have a bag I can put a wet swimsuit in if needed. It took me a few years to get to this one, but I’m really excited about how organized it feels.

What are your travel hacks? I need to know!

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