Rachel Maddow Perfectly Describes Trump’s Misery In Court

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was in the courtroom where she described Trump as looking annoyed, old, and miserable in court.

Maddow said, when asked to describe what she saw:

 From where I was sitting, he seemed basically inert. He kind of slumped his shoulders and was kind of, I’m a slump shouldered person. He was slumped at times. When Mr. Pecker testified, I noticed he was leaning heavily on the desk. I didn’t see him as particularly animated. Again, I may not have been in the best position to observe that closely. I’ve seen him in person in my life a few times. I would say seeing him go up and down the aisle, seeing him walk
past me in the aisle several times including a recess.

I would say he seems thinner than I’ve seen him in the past. He seems considerably older and he seems annoyed, resigned, maybe angry. He seems like a man who is miserable to be here. I’m no body language expert. This is just my observation. He seemed old and tired and mad. I would probably seem that way, too.

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If Trump is angry and miserable that would explain his disastrous outburst outside the courthouse after the trial concluded for the day. Donald Trump is miserable at his trial.

Trump is annoyed and angry because he is not in charge. Trump is a passive observer who is relegated to the sidelines. He doesn’t set the narrative anymore, which is why his appearances outside the courtroom are full of such frantic spin.

After spreading misery to millions of Americans as president, Donald Trump is now miserable.

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