Rounding Up My Favorite Moody Lanterns

It’s been three years since we moved into our home and one year since we did our exterior renovation, but there are still a few outside updates to make. One of those is replacing the front porch lights. They are so massive — I’ve never had such big lights!! They came with the house, and I’m ready for something new.

Outdoor lanterns are more than just aesthetic — they can enhance the property value, affect visibility and extend your outdoor living space. I really like an exterior fixture to have multiple little lights in it. It feels more magical to have those flame bulbs alight.

I have my eye on some that I’ll share below, but first! A quick real talk about the two types of lanterns.


Electric or Gas Lanterns?

We took an anniversary trip down to New Orleans around 2018 and saw all of these gas-lit porch lights — almost every home there had one! I said to Chris, “This is the most charming thing that I’ve ever seen. I love this. I need this.” So in our last house, we installed a beautiful one from Bevolo. But let me tell you: your gas bill is gonna go up. And it should be noted that lanterns with a light bulb are modeled after gas lanterns. They are faux gas lanterns. And the truth is that the “new” model was invented for good reasons: ease, cost and looks. The light is brighter and actually more visible too!


Lantern Pendants (similar) | Pergola | Barstools | Dining Table | Dining Chairs | Dining Arm Chairs | Marble Bowl | Faux Artichokes

And so while we did think about going with a gas light — I’m glad we got to experience it at our last house — I’m very happy sticking with electricity this time around! To keep that cozy feeling, I usually go a little warmer on the outside bulb temperature. It just really looks harsh to see a daylight-style bulb outside. My go-to is 2700K outside. It’s the perfect moody, traditional vibe.

See what I’m eyeing below and let me know your favorites!

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  1. Arched Outdoor Sconce | $359
  2. Howa Outdoor Hanging Lantern | $108
  3. Calistoga Indoor/Outdoor Sconce | $299
  4. Galena Outdoor Wall Light | $261
  5. Piedmont 4 Light Lantern | $364
  6. Valencia Sconce | $399
  7. Rosedale Hanging Lantern | $959
  8. Wellsworth Lantern | $352
  9. Darlana Outdoor 3/4 Lantern | $1099
  10. Brass Outdoor Lantern | $94
  11. Black Lantern Wall Light | $49
  12. Caleb Outdoor Metal Lantern | $249

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