Scientology Volunteers Joined By More Stakeholders to continue the clean-up campaign Following the catastrophic Floods

Scientology volunteers, motivated by determination and the desire for being clean and motivated Diepsloot began their cleanup efforts as well as training in skills development.

DIEPSLOOT, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, 8 March 2023 /LinkDaddy News/ Recently, a group of Scientology Volunteer Ministers was in Diepsloot township Diepsloot on the 9th day to continue their clean-up campaign and skills development working with the community after being devastated by recent flooding. With determination and the aim of having a healthy and confident Diepsloot, They took on the challenge and set to work.

“It’s beautiful when we work together to solve community issues and come up with solutions together.”
— Kabelo Kgosana, Scientology Volunteer Ministers

When they arrived in Diepsloot the group was immediately welcomed by more volunteers and other stakeholders. In addition, they were assisted by the City of Joburg Region A, Pikitup, and Community Works Project to tackle the issue.

To improve the condition of Diepsloot and repair the damage caused by the devastating floods of recent times They all worked in the sun to create a cleaner Diepsloot.


“The space is littered with rubbish and debris caused by the floods” explained Kabelo Kgosana who is a Scientology minister volunteer. “With more members of the community joining us, it inspires us to continue and to increase effort,” said Kgosana. “It is amazing when we collaborate to solve issues in our community and come up with solutions in a team,” concluded Kgosana.

Pikitup provided the community with numerous garbage bags. Members of Region A’s Community Works program and Scientology Volunteer Ministers immediately put them to use and filled bags with garbage.

The clean-up campaign was used as a means to educate people about the importance of cleanliness. Scientology Volunteer Ministers Scientology Volunteer Ministers distributed educational materials on the subject that were adored by the local community.


According to Kgosana the campaign to clean up in the area is becoming a regular event to rid Diepsloot of dump sites that are illegal and sanitize it to improve the health of the local community.

“Floods when combined with illegal dumpsites can create a dangerous mix “added Kgosana.

Mr. Marokane from a local NPO that conducts clean-ups and entrepreneurial initiatives at Diepsloot was also there for the event to beautify the area and expressed his gratitude for the efforts made by the entire community. The sentiments of the community were also expressed by the rest of those who were part of the community.

Going forward we are planning to establish the Scientology Volunteer Ministers chapter that is fully managed by Diepsloot members of the community to help us move this vision of building a stronger community. Several members of the community are currently undergoing learning about The Tools for Life from L. Ron Hubbard to keeps working on this project”. Then Kgosana, “So it is truly an encouragement”.

After another productive day at work, Kgosana was extremely impressed by how much progress was made and also that the number of participants in the community who were involved.

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