Securing Critical and Sensitive Information for any Business

With the switch in digitalization over the last few years for individuals and businesses, it is imperative that information and data is secured properly in a safe.

Safes within a Business

Originally the requirement for a security safe within a business would just be to store paper documents in a safe or fireproof filing cabinet. But over the past few years this has expanded due to the need to store data files, hard drives, USB stick and other forms of data media.

The expansion and use of different types of digital media has increased the need for these to be stored within a safe when not in use. This is why many businesses have purchased safes specifically designed to store data media.

What type of safe to choose?

The selection of the correct safe to suit your business is an important decision as the safe needs to be the right one. First of all, you need to decide on what is being stored within the safe on a regular basis?

Will it be cash, valuables, paperwork, data media or a combination of all? As certain security safes will be designed to protect different items. Cash and Valuables don’t necessarily require fire protection on them in comparison to safes that are needed to store paperwork and data media.

Typically, in a business environment that is working with data and digital information on a daily basis, they would need a data media safe. This is so that hard drives, data tapes and other forms of digital media are stored correctly.

Other important factors when selecting a safe

Once the type of safe you require has been chosen, there are a couple of important factors that you need to consider.

Size of the Safe

The external and internal dimensions of a safe are some of the most important decisions that you need to calculate. This is so that the space that the safe is being positioned in, is then big enough to fit the safe you require. Internally you would also need to work out how much space is required inside the safe to store your items.

The internal volume is another way of calculating this out. We always recommend to over calculate this figure to allow more storage in the future.

Locking Types on Safes

The final decision when purchasing a safe is the type of lock you require. A key lock or electronic lock are the most common ones selected. The electronic lock is highly recommended if you are working in a business that requires multiple users access to the safe on a regular basis. A key lock is as equally secure, but this just requires to be hidden out of sight.

Final Advice on Selecting a Safe

Determining the type of item you are planning to store within a safe is our biggest suggestion at first. Then we would suggest to calculate to the sizing of the safe you then require to fit your requirements.

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