Sinbad learns to walk again after a stroke 2 years ago: “Will not stop fighting until the stage is clear”

Sinbad’s family, David Adkins, shares updates on their comedian’s recovery from a stroke two years ago.

His family posted a Monday image on Instagram of Sinbad, who was recovering from an ischemic stroke that kept him in the hospital for nine months.

The caption read, “Sinbad thanks you for all your love and support over the past two years.” Many of you have asked for updates. Please let us know if Sinbad has any questions or if you can help. The family created this website to keep you informed about his progress, and to offer a way for people to donate.

The caption read, “Stay happy, be blessed.”

Sinbad’s recovery site stated that two years ago, a blood clot had traveled from Sinbad’s heart to his brain. This caused the stroke. The “prognosis for Sinbad” was very positive after an immediate operation.

A second blood clot was formed the next day. It was about half the size of the first one, so another procedure was necessary. According to the website, “It required a little more of him than the first operation.”

After Sinbad’s brain began to swell, doctors recommended a craniotomy. After Sinbad’s brain swelling, a craniotomy was performed. He was placed in an ICU coma and put on a ventilator.

The site stated that “our hearts were devastated”. The family was unable to navigate the road to recovery, which proved to be extremely confusing.

He would not be able to open his eyes, speak, or demonstrate basic mobility for several weeks. We realized that he could not move his left side or hold his head. As time went by, more was learned about how much was lost.

Sinbad began intense physical therapy in May 2021 after being removed from the ventilator. Sinbad was also receiving occupational and speech therapy.

The family shared that Sinbad made significant progress towards recovery at this point. They also noted that he returned to the hospital in July 2021.

He continues to receive therapy and fights for every inch. The website states that his progress has been nothing but remarkable. He’s making strides to learn how to walk again, even though he was once said to have lost his legs. He said, “I’m not finished.” I won’t stop fighting until the day I can cross the stage again. We will, too.”

Sinbad’s family pointed out that insurance doesn’t cover all his medical expenses and offered a way for fans of Sinbad to donate, with all proceeds going towards Adkins Trust.

The website ended with a Sinbad statement.

“Thank God for all He has given me, even if it isn’t everything I asked for. Give God thanks for your family, and hug those you love as you are still there. To get through this journey, we need to be there for each other. I look forward to seeing you all again. He concluded, “Stay funky, keep prayed up, as always,”

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