Strava launches a family plan

Strava turns 15 this year, and it is ensuring its first generation of users can include their kids who have grown up along the way. The fitness tracker app has launched its family plan, a subscription tier allowing up to four accounts on one plan. It includes everything an individual plan has, such as route building and sharing, activity recording and safety tools.

The family plan starts at $140 annually, compared to $80 annually for an individual plan, so it could even be worth it for two people. But, there’s one big catch: Users have to pay for the plan upfront, unlike the individual plan, which offers a $12 monthly option. Also, anyone who has already subscribed but wants to join a family plan will have to cancel their membership in order to join it. Strava claims that all of their data should be transferred once they have joined a family plan.

Despite the name, anyone can come together to create a family plan — as long as they’re all based in the same country. Members can leave, and new members can join at any time. However, unlike the rest of Strava, a family plan is only available on the company’s website for now, not the apps.

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