Swatch and Verdy Is an Artistic Collaboration Made in Watchmaking Heaven

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Meet Vick, the creative exponent and brainchild of one of Japan’s most recognised artists, VERDY. The panda-rabbit, which embodies positivity, peace, longevity and abundance, has graced some of the most talked-about collaborations and has only ever appeared in black and white until now. Enfant terrible of Swiss watchmaking and one of the biggest patrons of the art world, Swatch, returns as the main partner of the prestigious Biennale Arte 2024 art exhibition and roped in the Vick and Verdy for this momentous occasion.

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Towering 4m tall at the Giardini, the larger-than-life Vick Bronze by Verdy art installation makes its debut in a new bronze colour palette. While Verdy has rendered Vick in several tongue-in-cheek facial and body expressions, the art installation follows that of Verdy’s All Gone publication and serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of embracing playfulness, even within adult settings. 


Accompanying the art installation launch is a series of watches bearing Verdy’s artistic touches paired with Swatch’s palette of colours and fun. The headlining piece is the 34mm Swatch GENT, mimicking the colours of Vick Bronze by Verdy. A pop of colour has been added to the commemorative edition as Vick’s tongue changes colour every day through a cycle of orange, red, pink, and yellow.


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Colourful, fun, and uplifting—these are the values that Visty was created for, as a response to the pandemic, to bring a sense of joy and happiness to people going through tough times. The fresh palette is the foil to Vick’s black-and-white look and is designed to stand out in the lighthearted 41 mm NEW GENT watch design.


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Vick by Verdy showcases the unmistakable panda-rabbit character created by VERDY. Vick exudes an energetic and rebellious attitude in his timeless black-and-white colour scheme. The focal point of the dial is the iconic ‘A’ symbol, symbolising Vick’s affinity for punk music. The NEW GENT BIOSOURCED model boasts a sleek design, allowing you to express your rebellious nature seamlessly in both professional and casual settings with Vick adorning your wrist.


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Verdy’s first brand, Wasted Youth from 2016, carries Verdy’s profound message that every time is never wasted and contributes to personal growth. Inspired by his passion for punk and skate culture, elements are incorporated into the Swatch New Gent Wasted Youth by Verdy with a bold contrasting blue and white logo dial and a striking strap with the text “I can’t waste my time anymore”.


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Girls Don’t Cry was released a year after Wasted Youth and was Verdy’s tribute to his wife. The clear Swatch Gent case and strap bear Girls Don’t Cry signature touches. With love at its centre in the shape of a heart on the dial, it is a chic and simple representation of Verdy’s art. The Girls Don’t Cry logo is repeated on the clear strap in white, allowing the red-coloured elements of love to shine.

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