The European Union will reportedly open a new investigation into Meta over election policies

The European Union is getting ready to launch a new investigation into Meta over its handling of election-related content, according to a in The Guardian. Details of the investigation could be announced “later this week,” but European officials are reportedly concerned about “deceptive advertising and political content.”

According to the , the EU has also raised concerns about Russia’s “efforts to undermine upcoming European elections” and other foreign interference campaigns. The EU is set to hold parliamentary elections in June. If the company is found to have run afoul of the Europe’s , it could be hit with large fines.

EU officials are also “particularly concerned” about Meta’s plan to CrowdTangle in August. The tool has been widely used by researchers and fact checkers for years to study how content spreads across Facebook and Instagram. Dozens of researchers and fact-checking groups signed an to the company last month saying that shutting down the tool ahead of dozens of global elections would be a “direct threat” to election integrity efforts around the world.

“We have a well-established process for identifying and mitigating risks on our platforms,” a Meta spokesperson told Engadget in a statement. “We look forward to continuing our cooperation with the European Commission and providing them with further details of this work.”

Elsewhere, the EU is also Meta over its subscription plan available to European users. That investigation, which could last up to a year, will look into whether the social media company has Europe’s Digital Markets Act, by not offering users a “real alternative” to opt out of data collection.

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