Trump Falls Apart A Michigan Border Event Over Fraud Bond

Donald Trump tried to campaign for the first time in weeks and he could not keep it together at an event that was supposed to be about the border in Michigan.

Trump diverted away from talking about the border and said, “So many people get away with it. They say Oh, let him go. Let him go. I’m the only one that has to put up a bond. You know, I put up a bond. I didn’t do anything wrong. I had to put up a bond this morning for $175 million. I did nothing wrong. They can shoot somebody kill somebody and walk out of that? Do you think that’s a fair policy? That’s that’s called radical left.”


It’s not called radical left. It’s called decades of alleged fraud and criminality.

Trump was in poor form during this event. His voice was low. He was chained to his teleprompter again, and he gave lethargic remarks that were very low energy. It continues to stand out that Donald Trump can’t keep it together during his campaign appearances.

The ex-president has been hiding at his private club for weeks, so he has plenty of rest. He has not been on the campaign trail, but Trump is in such a state of decline that Republicans might be better served by keeping off of the campaign trail.

Donald Trump simply can’t get it done anyone on the stump, as Republicans have saddled themselves with a worn out candidate who could soon be a convicted felon.

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