Trump Is So Broke That He’s Recycling Old Campaign Ads

The Trump campaign touted a new ad this week, but the ad wasn’t new. It was recycled from the 2020 campaign.

The Biden campaign caught Team Trump trying to pass off the ad as new for 2024:

Donations aren’t pouring in to Trump’s campaign. In fact, he spending much of his time at Mar-a-Lago meeting with big donors and trying to convince them to cut him a check.

Biden-Harris 2024 Hispanic Media Director Maca Casado said, “Whether Donald Trump thinks we are not worth the money or he simply doesn’t have it, this ad is a slap in the face to our community. It’s another reminder that he does not care and does not respect us. Like most everything with Trump, this is just another scam. He’s using the cheapest tropes he can find to distract from the facts: he and his agenda are as anti-Latino as they come.”

As usual, when it comes to Trump, everything is done on the cheap, and usually with a healthy degree of deception and fraud involved.

Donald Trump is barely campaigning. The presumptive Republican nominee is holding campaign events one day a week or less.

Trump isn’t running new ads, like Biden. Trump is sitting at Mar-a-Lago and apparently expecting the American people to send him back to the White House as he makes no effort to win their support.

If a candidate is too lazy to work for your vote before election day, they definitely won’t do any work for you if they win.

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