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Trump Slurs His Words And Get Facts Wrong In Pennsylvania

While sweating profusely at an event with the NRA in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump slurred his words and got basic facts wrong.

What Did Trump Sound Like In Pennsylvania?

Here is Trump struggling to speak and slurring the word subsidies:

Trump bizarrely claims that if he loses the election, Pennsylvania will cease to exist:

How Did The Biden Campaign React To Trump’s Pennsylvania Speech?

TJ Ducklo Senior Communications Advisor to the Biden campaign responded to Trump’s speech in a statement:

Every single time Donald Trump opens his mouth, he’s confused, deranged, lying, or worse. Tonight, he lied more than two dozen times, slurred his words, confused basic facts, and placated the gun lobby weeks after telling parents to “get over it” after their kids were gunned down at school. But you won’t hear about any of it if you watch cable news, read this weekend’s papers, or watch the Sunday shows. Beltway reporters may be numb to Trump’s horrifying candidacy defined by chaos, division, and violence — but the American people are the ones who will suffer and die if he’s allowed anywhere near the Oval Office again.

This is not a drill – Donald Trump is THE fundamental threat facing the American people and everyone needs to act like it. Including the free press – while we still have one.

What Are The Lies That Trump Told In Pennsylvania?

Here are via the Biden campaign the lies that Trump told in Pennsylvania:

1). Trump falsely said he won the Virgin Islands caucus “100%.”

2). Trump falsely said he won PA twice.

3). Trump falsely said Biden wants an open border.

4). Trump falsely said terrorists were taken into this country by the millions.

5). Trump falsely said we had the safest borders under his presidency.

6). Trump falsely said Biden will confiscate guns and take away the right to self-defense.

7). Trump falsely said no one died in Afghanistan during his presidency.

8). Trump falsely claims “nothing happens” to people who commit assault or murder.

9). Trump falsely said he worked with the FBI and said that Biden made recovering the documents very difficult.

10). Trump falsely claimed he was “covered by the Presidential Records Act” when he destroyed documents.

11). Trump falsely says Catholics are being persecuted.

12). Trump falsely said electric cars don’t work in cold weather.

13). Trump falsely said “We never had a country that was doing so well as it was during the Trump four years,” but he left office with fewer jobs than he entered.

14). Trump falsely claimed he got Mexico to send 28,000 soldiers to the border.

15). Trump falsely said Mexico took 32% of our car industry.

16). Trump falsely said everyone coming to the country is a man between 18 and 25.

17). Trump falsely says there were no terror attacks during his administration.

18). Trump falsely said Biden tried to ram through an “open border bill.”

19). Trump falsely said if the bill was passed unions would be out of business.

20). Trump falsely said Democrats cheat in elections.

21). Trump falsely said Democrats cheated in the 2020 election.

22). Trump falsely said President Biden can close the border and the bill is a hoax.

23). Trump falsely said we don’t have free speech.

24). Trump falsely said we don’t have a free and fair press.

25). Trump falsely said he did better in PA in 2020 than 2016.

26). Trump falsely said they’ll change the name of PA if he’s not elected.

27). Trump falsely said we’re a failing nation and a nation in decline.

28). Falsely said Biden is going to empower America’s enemies, unleash misery throughout your state and throughout our country, bedlam and chaos at home and abroad.

Trump’s Mental Decline Destroys The GOP Argument About Biden’s Age

It is nearly impossible for Republicans to argue that Biden is too old and forgetful to be president, when Trump can’t give a speech without slurring his words and can’t remember basic facts like losing Pennsylvania in 2020.

It looks like there are some serious cognitive issues going on with Donald Trump, which the corporate press until Trump does or says something that can’t be ignored.

There may very well be a candidate in cognitive decline in the 2024 presidential race, and his name is Donald Trump.

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