Trump Takes Another Step Closer To Jail As Judge Seems To Agree On Gag Order Violations

Judge Merchan seemed to agree with prosecutors that Donald Trump has committed more gag order violations after being warned that he could be sent to jail.

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The scene in court:

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Trump has already been warned that future gag order violations could lead to him getting locked up, but he has continued to attack witnesses. A specific focus was Michael Cohen, who Trump’s lawyers argued was baiting Trump to respond, which is interesting given that the two men are not on the same social media platform.

The argument that Trump’s decade plus of attacking others on social media was triggered by other people baiting him is so far fetched that it is unbelievable. Judge Merchan knows who the defendant is and what kind of temperament Trump has.

Prosecutors only asked for more fines, but if Merchan finds that Trump violated the gag order, it will be another step toward incarceration for the former president.

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