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Trump’s Truth Social Fraud Revealed As Numbers Show Site Has Almost No Users

Donald Trump’s Truth Social media site has just 113,000 users and has seen a 4% drop in users over the past month and 19% this year.

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CNN reported:

It really defies logic. Wall Street is valuing this company at around $9 billion even though it’s losing money, generates almost no revenue, and its user base is very tiny. Now, let’s look at these new numbers 113,000. This is the average number of users on the platforms IOS and Android through the 1st 29 days of April. That’s according to Similar Web. Now, some context, this is down 19% year over year, it’s down 4% month over month. So, moving in the wrong direction now.

It’s true. Some other social media companies are also sort of struggling to gain traction, but we’ve actually seen sharper declines for Truth Social, and it remains really, really small. Look at this, we have 34 million users on X the platform formerly known as Twitter. Over 30 million for Reddit, even Threads remains 30 times bigger than Truth Social.


The premise behind Truth Social was that all Republicans who voted for Trump and supported him would follow him on Truth Social. The idea was that Trump would be able to transfer his Twitter following to Truth Social. A study found that 30% of Trump’s Twitter followers weren’t real people, and many of them were not active social media users, so structurally, the idea always had some issues.

Truth Social has also had the appearance of existing for no other reason than to get a stock listed that Trump could make money off of.

The problem for Trump is that Truth Social is also where he posts and thinks he is getting his message out.

The lack of engagement on Truth Social reveals itself when Trump calls on his fans to take action, like when he urges them to come to the courthouse and protest during his criminal trial. No one shows up because, relatively speaking, no one is on Truth Social.

Suppose engagement is dropping during his criminal trial. In that case, it suggests that Trump’s biggest fans aren’t interested in the main reason why he is running for president and that Trump is wasting his time posting on a platform that no one is using. If Truth Social is a big part of his presidential campaign, Trump has a huge problem.

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