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I love a tasty non-alcoholic holiday drink this time of year, but is it just me, or do most holiday drinks tend to go in the cranberry direction? No shade on cranberries, but there are so many other delicious flavors from the season that I’d like to indulge in. So, I took matters into my own hands and reinvented a childhood classic with a festive spin. Introducing the pumpkin pie Italian soda.


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If you’ve never heard of Italian sodas, let me give you the rundown. To make Italian sodas, start by mixing ice and flavored syrup with sparkling water, and then top it off with a splash of cream or half-and-half. It’s a simple and delightful way to enjoy a fizzy, creamy beverage.

pumpkin pie italian soda

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To make it fit our dietary needs, I used a sugar-free pumpkin pie Toroni syrup and a dairy-free pumpkin spice creamer and topped it with a dairy-free whipped cream. It’s simple to make, an instant crowd-pleaser, and you can get as creative with your flavors as you want. Let me know if you give it a try!

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drink

non-alcoholic holiday drink

Pumpkin Pie Italian Soda

I love a (non-alcoholic) holiday drink, and most years I go the cranberry direction. But this time I wanted to try something different and it was met with rave reviews from kids and adults alike. A festive spin on a childhood classic.

  • Ice
  • Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup regular or sugar-free – your call
  • Mineral Water
  • Pumpkin spice creamer I used Nut Pods to make it dairy-free
  • Whipped cream from a can – I also used a dairy-free version of this
  • nutmeg
  • cinnamon
  • To make one serving in a 12oz glass, first add 1 cup of ice. Add 2 tbsp Torani syrup (4 pumps). Add the mineral water until the glass is about 3/4 full, then add the creamer until full (not all the way to a lip – just to what you consider a full glass). Top with whipped cream and a pinch each of nutmeg and cinnamon. Serve as-is, but instruct guests to stir with a straw before drinking.

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