Unveiling the Best Fall Candles of 2023: A Sensory Experience

Fall has arrived, and there’s no better way to embrace the cozy vibes than with the perfect seasonal scent. This year, we’ve gone all out on a quest for the best fall candles of 2023. We first ordered a bunch of highly-rated fall candles, but after testing them all, only 17 were worth mentioning. As they arrived one by one, I lit them throughout my home to experience their day-to-day impact. Then, we brought the finalists to the CLJ office for a team-wide sniff-off, gathering impressions and opinions to bring you the ultimate guide.


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From pumpkin spice to woodsy undertones, we’ve scrutinized each candle to give you a comprehensive look at this year’s standouts. Whether you’re seeking a scent that captures the crispness of autumn air or the coziness of a warm apple cider, we have recommendations for you.

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Now, let’s go on this aromatic journey together!

Best Fall Candles


For your convenience, we listed them by price from low to high. Keep scrolling to see my top 5 winners!

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Up first, we have the classic Pumpkin Spice found exclusively at Walmart. Trust me, this one captures the classic fall pumpkin spice aroma all in a $3 jar. We did notice that after a few days, and multiple burns it smelled less “pumpkiny” and more waxy, but I still burned it on my desk until it was completely gone.

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When it comes to fall scents, I love a classic pumpkin and warm cider, but I’m also a big fan of woodsy, masculine notes like this candle. If you’re looking for a sophisticated patchouli and amber fragrance to welcome you home this fall, you’ll absolutely die over this candle.


Sometimes, it’s nice to switch up the classic, traditional fall scents with something unexpected. This delightful candle infuses your home with the warm, bright scents of honey and vanilla, balanced with musk, spiced caramel, and rum, perfect for a relaxing autumn afternoon. Packaging gets an A+.

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This is definitely a repeat buy! The black canister is substantial and stunning, and I’m obsessed with the leather strap detail on the wooden lid. Oh, and the wax inside is black, and I love how you can hear the wood wick flickering when it’s lit. The good news is it smells just as amazing as it looks – like you’re walking through an apple orchard on the perfect fall day.


I so adore this ceramic jar that has a deep brown color and pretty gold lettering. The scent reminds me of tobacco, which I always associate with fall. When I was growing up, our parents would have us rake our neighbor’s leaves in the fall, and the smell of the tobacco from his pipe would always waft from their house in a pleasant way. Tobacco = fall for me, every time.


Is this a Mrs. Meyer’s spray?? The scent is clean and bright with notes of cider. This would make a great late fall or early Christmas fragrance, and the faux wood ceramic jar is beautiful.


This is so niche, but have you ever heard of ambrosia salad? It’s a marshmallow fruit salad, and this candle smells exactly like that. It’s definitely on the sweeter side, but it would make for a really delightful fall dessert scent in the kitchen. This one was downright edible.

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This office-favorite fragrance is perfect for fall! It has a woodsy and musky scent with a subtle, sweet balance. It’s described as the “boyfriend scent,” and I couldn’t agree more.


This candle is the epitome of fall. Not only is it the most perfect pumpkin spice candle (not too sweet, not too spicy), but it also comes in a charming wooden pumpkin canister. I’ll certainly be gifting this candle more than once this autumn season.

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Infused with the rich and earthy scents of cedar leaves, spiced fruits, and musk, this candle perfectly embodies the invigorating feeling of a crisp autumn day. Bonus points for the wooden wick!


This aromatic candle combines the scents of pumpkin and sweet vanilla to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Currently, it’s permeating the living room, but it would also be great in the kitchen.

simmered cider poured candle 1

The fragrance of the “Simmered Cider” candle is both sweet and spicy, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that would easily complement any space. I’ve melted this one almost all the way down.


This is what I imagine the “Bachelor” mansion smells like – roses by a fireplace, with a hint of smoke. Fragrance notes include cedarwood, leather, clove, and smoky embers, ideal for intimate fireside chats.

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The Lightwell candle boasts a perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, apple, cedar, and sandalwood, making it an ideal choice for the autumn season. Such a great warm, fresh blend.


I want my whole house to smell like this warm flannel scent through January. It’s giving Ralph Lauren department store (amazing).


This candle has been in heavy rotation lately, and I must say, although it doesn’t have the usual fall scent, it boasts an earthy aroma that is ideal for this time of year. Its fragrance is composed of ginger, bergamot, sandalwood, oud, leather, patchouli, musk, and cedar. I’ve used it almost entirely.


You’ll either love this one or hate it. Fair warning: It’s heavy on the smoky scent, but as it burns, you will notice hints of balsam, birch, and moss, transporting you to a cabin in the woods.


Narrowing down the winners is easier said than done, but if I had to choose only four candles to burn all fall season long, then I would rely on these aromatic experiences.

Top 4 Fall Candles

Fireside | 1809 Lodge | Pumpkin Spice & Walnut | Red Apple & Cedar

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