Unveiling the KARRAT Protocol: Pioneering the Next Era of Gaming, Entertainment, and AI Innovation, Reshaping Hollywood and Beyond

[PRESS RELEASE – Camana Bay, Cayman Islands, April 22nd, 2024]

The KARRAT Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the KARRAT Protocol, which supports transformative AI and innovations in gaming and entertainment industries: from real-time animation content for the streaming industry and emerging products for retail, telecom, education and wherever imagination takes the community in the future.

$KARRAT is the governance token of the KARRAT Protocol. Using $KARRAT, the community will determine how the KARRAT Protocol is integrated into games and products, empowering the community of players and consumers, much more than traditional entertainment titles have.

My Pet Hooligan is the first gaming title to integrate the KARRAT Protocol and $KARRAT

My Pet Hooligan is the first launch title for the KARRAT Protocol. The flagship IP of AMGI Studios. The My Pet Hooligan game features cutting-edge motion capture tech, AI-driven conversational non-playing characters, real-time face-driven animation in the game, and, using the KARRAT Protocol, allows players to embody an NFT in-game. My Pet Hooligan won Best Action Game at the GAM3S.GG awards in December 2023.

$KARRAT empowers community decision-making over the KARRAT Protocol.

Central to the ethos of the KARRAT Protocol is the concept of empowered community decision-making. Traditional gaming and entertainment industries have long operated within closed-off silos, leaving communities without a voice in crucial decisions. KARRAT shatters this paradigm, with cutting-edge, on-chain governance.

With KARRAT Protocol, the community takes center stage, with a governance model that fosters inclusivity, transparency, and active participation powered by $KARRAT.

Airdrop Claim for My Pet Hooligan NFT Holders.

Holders of My Pet Hooligan NFTs are eligible for a $KARRAT claim. Claims can be made on the KARRAT website.

$KARRAT is now available on Coinbase, Gate and KuCoin.


The KARRAT Protocol is a decentralized gaming infrastructure layer, supported by $KARRAT and empowered by a truly decentralized community with a shared vision embracing gaming, entertainment and AI products catering for the new era.

About AMGI Studios

AMGI Studios is an independent gaming and animation technology company that lives at the intersection of gaming, animated AI technology and storytelling. The studio develops and produces traditional entertainment IP, and gaming properties through the use of its proprietary technology, AI integration and innovations in real-time animation. With a high-caliber creative team composed of artists and creators from studios such as Pixar, Disney and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), AMGI Studios aims to be the bridge between Hollywood and the global gaming community. AMGI’s vision is simple — to empower dreamers and doers to make groundbreaking content by merging artistry and technology.

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