White House Says New York Times Ran False Claim About Biden Weighing Dropping Out

The White House pushed back forcefully on a New York Times report that President Biden is considering dropping out.

White House adviser Andrew Bates responded to The New York Times report:

It is possible that Biden had all sorts of conversations with allies after the debate. He’s probably been sounding out a lot of people close to him about what he should do.

After the Supreme Court’s immunity ruling, Biden’s choice is about much more than a presidential campaign. Democracy is on the line, and the President has to weigh how he gets past the fallout from the debate, and protects the nation so that the United States is still a democracy on Inauguration Day 2025.

The reality is that if Biden would step down as the nominee, which still strikes me as suicidal move of self-destruction, Vice President Harris would almost have to be the nominee. The only thing dumber than forcing Biden out, would be forcing Biden out and holding an open convention of chaos.

Unless something goes very wrong over the next week, Joe Biden isn’t going anywhere, and if that is the case, people will have learned a lot about the agenda of The New York Times.

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