Why Businesses Who Write and Optimise Content Perform Better Online

Picture this; you’ve just started your own business. You have a team, a search engine marketing strategy and a killer website – now you must tackle a content marketing strategy.

According to specialists at https://roardigitalmarketing.co.uk/, content creation and optimisation is a pretty big deal.

You see, the businesses that smash the SERP (search engine results page) are the ones who are creating consistent, helpful and well-optimised content across their website and blog. This is because they are establishing their online presence and positioning themselves as an industry thought leader.

Creating this content helps businesses build trusting relationships with their current and prospective customers while significantly positively affecting brand awareness.

But above all, optimising written content with targeted keywords and phrases gives search engine bots a better chance of understanding your business. This includes understanding your content, relevance, and suitability for a user’s online search query.

Knowing that the above factors significantly impact your ranking on search engines is where your online performance will come from. Nobody clicks past the first page of a Google search; well, to be specific, 75% of people will never click past the first page on a Google search. So lurking deep in the dark shadows of page two on search engines is a no-go for any business.

The first page of search results (notably the top 3 results) see mass amounts of online traffic. They are convenient to click on for a user and are seen as reliable or most trustworthy as they are the first websites that Google recommends.

Why is this relevant to your online business plan? Well, content converts. Once your well-optimised content has begun making waves on search engines, the content can start to sell.

Once a user has landed on your website through your superior organic rankings, writing helpful, audience-first content gives them precisely what they are after. This establishes you as a reliable source to them. Building trust like this means a website user will be far more likely to trust your products or services when they are “in-market” and ready to make a purchase.

Creating consistent, audience-focused content is critical when developing a sustainable online presence. It also allows your business to remain competitive when it comes to challenging industry rivals in the online space.

How to achieve audience-first, optimised content:

  • Completely cover the topic by topic clustering multiple pieces of content, internally linking them to each other and to a pillar page.
  • Use relevant statistics.
  • Include graphics.
  • Use CTAs throughout your copy.
  • Double and TRIPLE check your content.
  • Think about what your target audience would need to know and cover it
  • Optimise your titles, meta descriptions, and H2s and copy with key and related terms – but don’t keyword stuff!
  • Use focus keywords in your alt text.
  • Include both internal and external links to help your audience find more information and create a seamless online experience.

There you have it – a specialist’s take on why businesses who write and optimise content perform better online.

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