Biden Campaign Devastates Trump Ahead Of President’s Florida Reproductive Rights Speech

In a call with reporters, the Biden campaign sent Trump reeling on the abortion issue as the President is set to give a speech about reproductive freedom in Florida.

Biden-Harris 2024 Communications Director Michael Tyler said:

Nearly one week before the state’s most extreme abortion ban goes into effect. A Florida ban will rip away access to reproductive care before many women even know they’re pregnant. If that weren’t bad enough, the Florida ban will also effectively impose a total abortion ban on the entire southeastern United States. Since Roe was overturned, bans have gone into effect in Georgia and all of Florida’s other bordering states. As a result of that, the number of out-of-state abortion patients in Florida nearly doubled.

Now, many women in the southeast may have to drive for days or longer to reach the pulses clinics, which are already seeing large numbers of out-of-state patients and struggling with strained resources. There’s one person to blame for this cruelty and that’s Donald Trump. Trump appointed three of the Supreme Court justices who overturn Roe v. Wade.

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The fact that he proudly brags about an after the Arizona Supreme Court turned the clock back to 1864. Trump said state bans are quote, working exactly the way they’re supposed to. And Trump refuses to say how he will vote on the Florida abortion referendum as a resident of the state. But let’s be honest, we know the answer to that. In all the other questions, Donald Trump has tried to dodge or double-talk on this issue. Trump will do everything he can to ban abortion nationwide.

Whenever Trump has had power, he’s used it to take away rights from women. his track record of disrespecting women is famously consistent and spans decades, including his personal life, his business career, and his time as an elected official. So there’s no doubt if Trump is reelected, will use his power to take away freedoms and rights even more when Trump’s closest allies have a comprehensive strategy to ban abortion across the country without even having to go through Congress using just Trump’s executive authority.

Trump knows that abortion is a potentially fatal issue to his presidential hopes, which is why he has tried to muddy the waters and run away from his full-throated support for a national ban.

Arizona Coordinated Campaign Senior Advisor Jen Cox said on the call, “In Arizona, we value our freedoms, and reproductive rights are deeply popular in the state. Since Dobbs,  Democrats in Arizona have repeatedly run on campaigns by highlighting abortion access in fact, Democrats have won statewide repeatedly over the last eight years since 2016. Donald Trump knows his politics aren’t popular here. So he’s trying to run from his record. But let me be clear, Donald Trump did this to Arizona. He appointed the Supreme Court justices that overturned Roe, which made it possible for our state Supreme Court to turn back the clock to a time before women had the right to vote. Donald Trump also continues to support attacks on contraception in the state Magga Republicans in Arizona’s legislature recently blocked efforts to protect the right to contraception. One local GOP leader even argued that women should put aspirin between their knees instead.”

Wisconsin Coordinated Campaign Senior Advisor Tanya Bjork added, “Voters have made very clear where they stand on this issue and Donald Trump is on the losing side. But it shouldn’t have to be this way. Women should not be one justice or one election away from losing their fundamental rights. Because of Donald Trump. Wisconsinites have been living with fear and uncertainly uncertainty for nearly two years now. women’s lives are at risk every single day. Maternal mortality rates are up because of Donald Trump.”

Reproductive freedom is an issue that matters in every state. All 50 states have women living women, and all of those women are at risk of losing their rights if Donald Trump returns to the White House.

While the nation is paying attention to Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan, the Biden campaign is working hard in swing states and even states that have flipped more red, like Florida, on issues that matter to voters.

As Trump tries to avoid prison, President Biden and Vice President Harris are fighting for reproductive freedom, and they are making the choice in November clear to voters everywhere.

Donald Trump is trying to save his freedom while taking away yours.

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